What is PAL Basketball

The Parochial Athletic League (PAL) is a term that is use for many different sports (Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball). However there is not 1 single entity that is PAL. Each sport is “governed” by its own structure. That structure varies from sport to sport.

So then what is PAL Basketball? PAL basketball was formed more than 20 years ago when 6 Omaha parishes/schools came together to find or create a place for their girls’ basketball teams to play. From that meager beginning PAL Basketball has evolved into a league that now serves 33 parishes/schools and over 290 boys and girls teams in grades 4-8. Each year PAL basketball teams will play over 1,500 games by approximately 3,000 athletes.

So what does PAL Basketball do and how is it structured? For most of the past 20 year PAL BB was lead by 1 single person (PAL BB Coordinator). The Parishes/Schools each have either and A.D., basketball Director, or both. The A.D. and or Directors would collectively meet twice a year to discuss game rule changes, what referee agency to hire, general league rules and policies. All other duties were performed by the 1 single Coordinator. He was responsible for scheduling all games and tournaments, finding gym space for games, coordinating with the referees, handling any disputes, canceling games for weather, rescheduling games etc.

After the 2010-11 season that Coordinator retired from PAL BB. The parishes / schools have taken a more hands on approach going forward. They formed a 6 member search committee to have a defined role and set of duties for the new Coordinator as well as a more structured set of duties for the parishes / schools. This search committee is also charged with the creation of a PAL BB Board of Directors (BOD). The new PAL Coordinator and the PAL BOD are now in place. We feel that as we move forward with this league structure there will an opportunity for changes that will make the league better. The first of which is a new League Website.